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We do not have fixed massage courses (for customers to choose from).

Because we believe that our precious customers need just the right massage for the day,

And it should be different by person to person.

We decide each customer's massage by counseling and examining the entire body.

Our massage methods are based on both oriental and western medicines and practices.

You can experience a unique style of relaxation here at Marume!

-Price- price including tax

8900yen/60min The first rate 6680yen

13350yen/90min   The first rate 9980yen

17800yen/120min  The first rate 13380yen

2225yen/15min for extra session


・540yen for favorite therapist preference fee

・Credit card (We accept all credit card but Diners)


Open 12:00pm-5:00am except Wednesday

Tel 03-3464-1303

Tokyo-to shibuya-ku dogenzaka2-16-3-4F



Hand massage

Leg massage


sole flexing

Oil massage


We provide the

best massage right

for you!

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